BracUntil now, all preadjusted brackets were only “adjusted” for final tooth angulations. This requires increased force levels during early treatment, causing unnecessary loss of anchorage. Tip-Edge Aesthetic Brackets have a patented design that allows treatment to be programmed from start to finish. Teeth move with little anchorage strain, and without headgear or implants. Treatment can move from .016″ to .022″ stainless steel archwires in a single step.


Advantages of Tip-Edge

The unique design of Tip-Edge Aesthetic Brackets makes treatment more comfortable for patients and reduces the number of treatment visits necessary.

  • Overbites reduced early in treatment, irrespective of canine angulation
  • Large overjets treatable without headgear
  • Improved vertical control. Archwires are not flexed during retraction or space closure
  • All changes, both dental and skeletal, are achieved with relative light (1-3 ounce) forces
  • No play between archwire and slot at the finish
  • Hands-off finishing powered by super elastic wires through deep tunnels and controlled by full-size, stainless, rectangular archwires
  • Highest quality results with fewer appointments and archwire changes


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